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Pinchido is an online cooking class, virtual dining, food delivery and experience platform.


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I'm TIM.


if I'm in trouble


NYC, Bowling Green & Somerset, Kentucky; somewhere in Michigan; St. Charles, Missouri; Big Island, Hawai'i; Florence, Italy; Dallas, Texas; Mexico City, Mexico (current)


3-way tie: Mexican, Indian, Ethiopian






thyme! No, cilantro. Undecided. 


inability to grow and/or maintain muscle mass


NYU, Studio Arts (painting) and Psychology of Perception

SIGN /  



gardening, SCUBA, mushroom foraging, surfing poorly, crochet/knitting, yoga, home brewing, painting, playing the ukulele really badly, mapping plants in the wild, animating 


In addition to is the online embodiment of my real world work and passion for sharing everything food-related with food lovers of all skill levels. But there are enough cooking classes out there already. 

In addition to a weekly online cooking class, members will have access to a series of live segments of all things food-related here in Mexico City. Once per week, you'll join me to tour one of the world's most famous markets and have the chance to shop for ingredients to be shipped to your home. We'll do live pantry raids, food prep for weekly meals, deep dives into ingredients and processes, food tastings at local street food puestos and restaurants, and dedicated cooking question hours to get quick solutions to your kitchen conundrums. We'll do it all while we inspect food systems, work towards perfecting our personal practices and sustainable efforts, and actively share news and experiences with each other. e


We'll give special attention to our gut health and the surprising impact it has in our lives. 

So in addition to cooking classes, we're gonna try a few new things. Some you'll find below, some will come later (who's down for a game of Exquisite Corpse Recipes?), and some you'll never know because I'll forget if I don't write them down in time. ​I'll remember each one years in the future as I'm reading about the breakout success of that same idea done by someone else.


As you'll see, interaction plays a huge role in a lot of what's coming. Food is a fantastic way to not just break the ice, but turn that ice into an addictive Pink Begonia Lemon Granita that you might have to make a second batch of before your co-chef finds out when he arrives the next morning to start prepping for the 22 person dinner that starts in 8 hours (for which said granita was dessert) that you ate half of it because I convinced myself too many times that I was just "testing it" to see if it was freezing ok even though it obviously was and I obviously knew that it was . . . 

Yeah. Just like that...comparison...


We have to eat, so we'd better enjoy it —

every part of it.

Discover what you love

and dive deep

Breaktrhoughs happen at every level

Learn how to cook,

not just follow a recipe

Whether florid and fancy or down-home and bib req'ing, eat what you enjoy and enjoy what you're eating. It sounds simple, but we have a lot of subtle anxiety built up around everything we put into our mouths these days. Should I, shouldn't I, how much or how little... It's a part-time job as long as you're eating...

My food philosophy is to find what you love and find how to love it more deeply and never stop. The more you enjoy your food, your body will benefit from it that much more. Plus, burnout is for the unimaginative. 

If I can help someone remove that next layer of anxiety in their personal journey through cooking, I have succeeded. For some it's following a recipe with more than 5 steps. For others, it's cooking a meal without measuring and eventually inventing a new dish altogether. A lot of times just having someone at your side1 is all you need. 

My classes2 are always a mix of technique, fear stomping, nutrition, micro-biome obsession, history, and culture.  For me every class should feel completely fresh. I'm not interested in reciting recipes for someone to execute. HOT TIP: you can Google a recipe... I'm interested in growth, exploration,  playfulness, exchange, and new things to feed my biome buddies down in my gut garden. 

(and what I won't do)

I'll carry over everything possible from what I do in the the 
physical world to online. 


Cooking classes 


Meal preparation

Menu planning

Meal delivery (CDMX)

Frida Kahlo Brunch

 Offline in CDMX 

Event planning 


Private dinners

Food Tours

Market Tours

Ministry  (yep, I can officiate)

What's different? I'll be adding (I'm pretty excited about these):

  • Chowroulette

  • Pantry Raids

and the most exciting....

  • Dinner with Tim​

Yeah, that's right. I'm your dinner date whenever you'd like.

Or lunch, or breakfast, or high tea... So clear your calendar and check out the Booking link below.


Desperate times call for desperate Tims, so who knows? Haha. As a general guideline, let's keep it legal;) If you'd like and estimate for any special requests, events and/or catering (when available), custom recipes, etc, send a quick message in the chat to the right and we'll get talking!


photos from Pinchido x 1,000.

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Image by Joe

So much to talk about in a little amount of time, even though we extended a few hours. Tim has a wealth of knowledge to share about food and the science of behind the cooking processes. We learned how easy it can be to make some delicious traditional plates as well as how different the flavors can be with the same ingredients prepared in different ways. He will also help you find the right ingredients in any country you return to.


Beyond anything I expected. Tim was funny, kind, patient, and above all, a wonderful human and chef. We had such an incredible experience and will likely recommend this to anyone.


Tim is a wonderful host with a wealth of knowledge.

In addition to his incredible experience and skills as a chef he is witty and entertaining.


We loved every minute!


Experiencing cooking with someone who loves cooking, was a wonderful experience.


Tim took us through the explanations of each step and we got to practice as he spoke. The information was interesting from a health and taste perspective.


The presentation of the material was well thought out and prepared. I enjoyed his stories as well as the nutritional information.


The best part was being able to savour the flavour of the dishes we prepared.


I would definitely recommend this experience.


An intimate moment of

transparency, transcendence,honesty, humility, patience, understanding 

and compassion on my benevolent behalf. 


It's true. I have received less than 5 stars before. Two times, actually. With respect to their privacy, I'll not give names, but rather paraphrase the reviews in order to summarize the implicit. 

"Tim was generous enough to remind me more than once that I had asked for decorations, flowers, and a special dessert for my husband's birthday—which was the day of the class, the following day—he even asked the night before as all of the stores were closing. I told him it didn't really matter, just something nice. It's crazy how you can think and think about what your spouse would like and in the end it's always "whatever!" It was perfect though and we both loved it, but adding the time that the party took made us a little late for our following engagement at a sports bar..

I understand that it took 3 uncompensated hours of his time, but what I meant was that he should have cut part of the class out despite the other 8 people in attendance so that we could have our cake (berry tart, actually) and eat it, too, and be on time for something else. It also happened to be two of their birthdays as well, so we hung around chatting and drinking for 45 minutes afterwards. We came all the way from the city most hit with COVID to celebrate and escape the early confusion and panic and we missed part of something else! Absolutely delicious, everything. Very talented and wonderful. "

"The class wasn't in my native language nor did the description claim such, but it's the 2nd most spoken language in the world after the other 7 after Swahili, which is the 14th! He did know some of the basic phrases and niceties because he spent a summer in my country, and when he realized that I had registered using a translator app but never mentioned anything about language barriers he gave me extra attention when he could, but come ON! The food was amazing and

Tim is fantiastic."



Founder / MeEO

Chef, artist, and permaculturist, Tim grew up working in his grandfather's butcher shop on the weekends. He decided then to only eat the meat he hunted or raised, slaughtered, and cooked himself, which prompted his early start in cooking for himself.  



Head Chef

Tim enjoyed his first professional training with Cordon Bleu / Four Seasons NYC chef Gregory Barreta in New York City from 1999-2001. He worked designing events while studying French technique in the test kitchen developing new dishes for ... demanding clients. 



Lead Designer

Following a stint of advertising work, he moved to the Big Island where he reunited with his future in food by studying permaculture while living and working off the grid and on a farm. In his spare time, he learned to cook Polynesian, Chinese, Japanese, Philippino, and micronesian food with the grandmother's of the island. To this day his favorite snack is lava-roasted marshmallow s'mores. 



Class Instructor

At the advice of his mentor, he traveled the world to learn cooking in the regions where each cuisine was born.While it's hard to beat a Tuscan backdrop, Mexican food has been his favorite so far. Learning to perfect his Ethiopian food in Ethiopia is next on his list. His dream job is to be the resident chef aboard the International Space Station, but would be satisfied to custom design comfort foods for astronauts living there long-term. 



Event Director

After graduating NYU, Tim designed events for Vogue, House & Garden, the Whitney Museum, Chanel, Conde Nast, and Bill Clinton, among others. A carnival for 5,000 guests of Ralph Lauren was his largest project of this kind. He once made 13 versions of a tagine for a Bridezilla in attempt to get it "like the one we had in Morocco, remember?" to which he answered, "No" because he did not remember as he was not there. At last, when version 13 arrived to the tasting room table weeks later, with it came her memory: "Oh yeah, it did have olives. I was thinking of raisins. It didn't have raisins. it was the first one," thanks to the suggestion made for the thirteenth time by her disinterested fianceé. 



Webmaster & HR

During the quarantine of 2020, his 3-year plan of taking his cooking classes online was derailed by an unfortunate ciract of human nature, and so he began Chowroulette and began developing a collection of recipes that only use stock items from local convenient stores 

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